Tips and Ideas to save money hassle-free from everyday

July 3, 2020

At some time in our lives, we all reach a point where financial crisis hits us really hard. Those are the days when you curse yourself for having spent so extravagantly and not saved for such times. Others of us are prudent enough to know the importance of money and imply some of the best money-saving tips in their lifestyles. Money saving in itself is a task that the mere thought of it fills you up with righteousness and individuality. Reality checks take place when you realize that even after your best efforts you’re not ending up with your goals. Haven’t you been wondering what sets apart those who live their lives with a disciplinary expenditure style? Well, the answer to this is simple. The difference lies in their determination. The hardest thing about saving is the initial step to start. Getting started with the money saving ideas can be a tough deal. And to find out the best money saving tips can be even tougher. If you are a prodigal person who just cannot stop his/her hand from spending, we have this article just for you.

How to save money? The biggest question which arises when you are on a budget or the sense of future security strikes you. You will surely find not a few but many articles and tips on how to budget and save money. But surely ascertaining the best amongst them can be a hard deal. It seems almost impossible when you actually want to save money. Ironically, studies show that people often spend more when on a budget or with a view to saving. Spending more than intended is always a thing which usually perturbs. A lunch date or a little shopping spree, one always spends more than what was intended.

Savings does not really mean that the expenses should be cut off. Rather saving focuses on how to curb on the expenses and sort them as per priorities. And deal with them accordingly. You can surely transfer the not so urgent expense to the next month’s budget and so on. This certainly goes helpful saving a bit from every day.

Why savings?

A certain amount of money kept aside from the present income for future consumption is known as savings. It is pooling of money in a lump sum or either gradually to meet the future needs. Savings are put in a process usually that is invested to grow. Savings are actually directly proportional to investments. Have a look at why the money saving ideas are a must:

  • Reduces insecurity especially in old age Usually, after retirement, the income of a person drastically reduces. In order to cope up with the reduced income, savings is a necessity.
  • Emergency In this unpredictable world, you never know when the emergency may arise. Savings are useful in an emergency. Till the income is stabilized, the family can fall back on the savings.
  • For needs Needs like children’s education, home, car, etc. may arise in a person’s life. And these require a huge financial backup thus, the savings come in handy so that the family doesn’t feel any financial strain and can also fulfill their desire.

How to save money each month?

Each month you plan to save enough to go on that trip to your favorite destination, buy the phone you have your eyes on, or renovate your home to the latest trends. What are you left with on the last few days? A mere hope to save the next month! So you finally decide to go on a budget but here too you are unsure of whether you’d be able to do it properly or notThe very important question arises that how to save money each month because small savings lead to a good pool which acts as a backup for emergencies and requirements.

If a small sum is saved every month, there can be a good amount of accumulation and a good interest can be gained on the same. Here are some best money saving tips that would help you lead a different life. Of course, if you imply.

  • The first idea to save money is prepared a budget. A perfectly designed practical budget will certainly help the family to clearly chalk out its expenditures and expected income. The budget should be practical enough to be carried out and the needs of all the members should be met.
  • Know the time value of money. If an expense can be postponed and is unimportant, just forget it. Focus on the important expenses in your life.
  • When you are pro at postponing unimportant things, you’ll realize that you can now easily ignore them for good.
  • Know that your budget wouldn’t apply itself to your life. It’s you who has to take actions regarding it. So prepare a budget that is feasible. Don’t try to be a miser. IT will lead to discomfort and in a short time you would be done with the idea of savings.
  • Next tip is that one should try excepting payments from cheques and online transactions directly to the bank. Human tendency of spending more with cash as compared to bank account exist. Thus, for those who carry an irresistible tendency to spend cash, can simply use this best way and save a good amount.
  • Before buying any durable capital item, compare prices and check exchange programs. Exchange programs certainly help out in getting a good deal in comparatively low amount. Sites like OLX, Quikr, etc. offer used products. While for refurbished or unboxed gizmos, Amazon, eBay can be given a look.
  • If you wish to get a high valued product say a car, try considering sale periods. Festive offers, year-end sales, etc offer a good deal for such luxury good and can help you get the item in your budget and the surplus can be put into savings.
  • Next in the list of money saving ideas is “do not jump the gun”. What does this mean? It simply means that do not buy anything and everything just for the sake the billboard says that it is on sale. Certainly, you can buy the item if that is of sheer necessity but do not bring it home if it is just to lie in the corner and get dusted. Researches show that a lot of money is spent vaguely just because the buyer saw something on sale though that wasn’t on the priority list.
  • Economical shopping. What does that refer to? Go by the list. Get only those items which you really need. If you are in a family of four, you can buy a family sized grocery item. But it would be a waste certainly in a family of two. Go economical while shopping. Try comparing prices. Remember there is bargain capacity even on some MRPs. You can give a polite try. This will certainly help you save some amount from your monthly expenditure and help to pool your future finance.
  • The most important point if you have a lot of friends. Yes, you tend to spend a lot over luncheons, outings, etc. how about inviting your friends home. You can certainly look at the online tutorials and cook some delicious spaghetti rather than spend over the cheque. Movie dates can also be planned home and they can be fun in budget too. Another way to save on lunch bills is, take tiffin from home for your office. That is really economical and helps you increase your savings.
  • For money saving ideas on bills, try using LEDs, they consume much less power than the usual bulbs. Switch off the lights and fans when not in use.
  • Use public transport and try carpool. These two are really economical rather than driving alone and spending extra bucks.
  • This is some pro tip. Try to withdraw from the ATM of the same bank because other banks ATM charge some fees extra which is deducted from your bank account. Really? Yes, still there are a few banks existing with this principle.
  • Online travel sites though claim to offer low prices, but you can surely get a good deal at the company’s online site. Try booking air tickets from the company’s site using an incognito window. Why Incognito? Because incognito window’s IP address isn’t tracked down making it easy to offer low prices. Its seen that on usual usage price of travel sites hike.
  • Keep your house clean and look after regular maintenance and service of gadgets and appliances. This will save you from any heavy maintenance burden.


There are still many money saving ideas and tips that can be put to daily use and tackle the issue of how to save money each month. If these tips are put to practicality, the habit can lead to a huge saving which was rather spent on wasteful expenditure.

It’s always uber cool to save right? So, try to put these tips to use in your daily life and enjoy the perks of savings.

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