How to save money? How to increase bank balance with low income?

November 30, 2020

Hello Friends, We all want to take full care of our parents, our family, and our children. When Children Want Something, No Need to Say No, for financial reasons We all want a good balance, a safe and secure life. If you are struggling with money-related issues, this article is for you. I will tell you 8 simple habits, which can change the financial situation of all employees, entrepreneurs, housewife or student and you do not have to use all 8 categories, Whether you take 1 or 2, I guarantee you will start to make a difference in your life. Okay, let’s talk about 8 ways to improve your remaining Balance.

  • Therefore, Number 8 NO CREDIT One person who worked for my company, who was in good shape and well paid, But his way of life was so great that he spent money quickly and got, In the first month, his money ran out on the 25th and he wanted The company has been forced to pay the decision on a monthly basis.
  • Having spent all his salary in 25 days, Without significant changes, how can the money survive in 35 days? The money ran out on the 20th and he wanted to continue again. After doubling, the company stopped giving money and then started taking small loans from friends, co-workers, even uno refused and could not repay it in the end.
  • Credit is addictive, Too many TV commercials, app claims to give you instant credit and loans. If we look at this simple, we speak for ourselves when we take out a loan, WHEN we have taken out a loan, we have to repay it, not just the principal amount, interest as well.
  • That’s why take out a loan only when you need it most … If you want to buy a house, a car or start a bus and have a savings plan, If you can plan your savings and future goals and how to repay the loan, based on your income / income. interest on loans.
  • If that happens only, take out a loan Otherwise law 8 does not have CREDIT, EXTEND WARRANTY 7 Accounts Do you know how much rice your household consumes per month? What does it cost per KG of vegetables, the last time you go shopping?
  • I’m sure you won’t be able to answer that, Most of the time, we rely heavily on our memory At those times our brains give us racist reports, We think our high costs would be in head A, but in reality I would probably be ahead of B I would share my example I didn’t save accounts before, but after my father’s advice I started to keep the same I was surprised, I found out that my big expenses are going,
  • This I never thought, So I started lowering the fare, I took the train instead of the plane, public transport instead of Uber, and I saved a lot So If you keep your accounts well and keep them in line at the end of the month, you will be able to analyze, head Wise expenses and save a lot So number 7 EXCEEDS YOUR SKILLS No 6 stop bad habits, bad habits are called bad because of this for example, Lets’s do maths fast,
  • If you save 50 rs a day, how much will you save per month? Will you save 1500 a month, a year? 18,000 / – If you invest this money every year in the PPF / Mutual fund with 8 to 10% profit, This will be 1,2 lakh in 5 years, if you invest 18,000 a year!
  • This is not a small amount of money, it can be 5-6 times your salary A smoker, who smokes 4-5 cigarettes a day spends this amount on their addiction / evil goal.
  • I wish you had a much bigger issue, it could be your spending 100 – 200 rs Not only does smoking have a lot of bad habits, alcohol, tea etc by leaving this Habits not only save money but also save your life, which is very important So stop your bad habits,
  • You will be able to save a lot, No 5 Records? What does that mean? I will ask a few questions, answer yes or no. Has your car or medical insurance ever lost your job? Or did you not receive your insurance documents when you were admitted to the hospital or had an accident? Did you forget to take your PF UAN and faced difficulties in withdrawing PF money? lost your warranty card and paid for app repairs under warranty?
  • All of these problems are due to poor record keeping My father believes complete records, You will keep proper records and you will benefit greatly in the end, You need to keep the following records,
  • Keep all these records in separate files, Mention important dates for renewal etc. on top of the file and compliance before the deadline ,, you will save a lot,
  • Many times we pay too much for our electricity and water bills due to poor record keeping, sometimes even the connection is cut off! You will be able to save a lot of money, insurance and your time if you have good storage! Not only do I save, but saving and investing Look at this price of fuel for 2002,2 Rs Today it is close to the 80 note 100 Rs that was used to buy 3 liter fuel, it can’t even make 1.25 today This is called inflation ,
  • Money in the bank, piggy bank or home is not safe, inflation consumes it, reduces its value, that’s why you should not save your money But also invest it, you have many ways to invest, Invest in anything as your development, Try to invest, so that money does not overspend , but it increases over time,
  • Even in investing you keep in mind points, proper Accounting and direct savings so you can look at these papers Need, There is one investment area that we ignore, That is Recreation, Health, Car, Fraud Insurance etc. This does not give you a boring return, but to save you from disaster in the long run,
  • What does this mean? If you keep the right accounts, you will know how much money you are spending on acquisitions? Only then can you benefit from bulk purchase, Q, What is the price of a single water bottle? 15 to 20 Rs! What is the price of five liters for the same company? Packing costs 50 to 60 Rs 10 liters, 80 to 100 Rs Top price, lower the price!
  • So if you know how to use it, stop buying small packages and buy in bulk, You can save on MRP and continue negotiating with the store owner, As you buy in bulk, he will give you and give you more discount from MRP This saving is usually ignored, you will be surprised to know, About and average household expenses, 40 to 60%, used for groceries, Food, soap, etc. Good to use,
  • So if you plan well while shopping for groceries, and you can buy them at the right price at the beginning of the month, you can save a lot, for example, if you are limited to a week your volunteers, You can buy them at the wholesale market,
  • There is a very good rating, Same quotes Same Quote It’s easy to ignore your youthful life, Excuses like, I don’t have time, I don’t care, I’m too young, All excuses like this, break our minds! OMG! 1000 Rs of Gym? Yoga? Aerobics? Why should I use it? These small costs, will save you a lot over time,
  • IF your body doesn’t support it how will you get it? And even if you earn some money, what is the point if you can’t use it / enjoy it? Give yourself time to get up, Even if that means spending less time in life, like sym membership, club membership, Swimming, Join a job, Pay for that job, Move your life at any cost, so let’s move on to No. 1 Practice,
  • This will be a habit unknown to many, But in my opinion, This is very important, And I share this with you, No. Practice 1, Look a few years ago, Many jobs are now over, Factories become automated machines in line performance, Data entry workers, typing jobs are declining, Many programming languages have become obsolete,
  • Even agriculture has seen great automation, So today many jobs are declining but that does not mean that new opportunities are not emerging! Many new jobs are coming What you need new skills, new technologies and different learning skills, In this area only challenge those who will succeed, who will continue to learn.
  • Good competitors can adapt to better conditions, He will be able to change by changing time, He will not worry too much about losing his job, He will have other ways to earn money, In modern times, learning is easy!
  • Your own mobile phone is a great source of information, Many websites offer free or paid courses, such as, Even youtube, is a great source of information. If you check it out over funny videos, movies or songs So never stop learning, To the Human Resources Counselor, We help you learn new skills.
  • Even if you agree with 1 or 2 of the 8 cases, you will start to see a change in your bank balance. If you have any of these methods, share your information in the comments below.


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